New marble is a brand new material made from old plastic bottles in new marble looking wall tiles.

New Marble tiles are produced from 100% recycled PET plastic waste. They can be used for wall applications like conventional ceramic tiles using conventional tile glue and grout. Its 40% lighter than normal tiles and has a warm feel that makes it a perfect fit for bathrooms and other surfaces you touch.

New marble launches in 3 colours that reflect the 3 main streams in PET bottles; blue, green and white. In the near future we will release new colours and custom colours

New Marble / Better Future Factory

NEW MARBLE | Better Future Factory

After years of research and development by Better Future Factory found a unique way of recycling local waste streams in developing countries into high quality tiles that look like marble. Currently we have set up two projects in Angola and Sierra Leone and scaling this technique up in Europe to create new building materials.


New Marble samples are available but only for clients that are working on projects that will be realised the coming 12 months. For others, students and material libraries, we do not have the capacity yet to send out samples. Please visit the our stand at the Material Xperience faire by Materia from 6-10 February 2017 to see New Marble.




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